—  From startups to social movements, global artists to global academic institutions, beauty is our language and we work with clients to build impactful stories from the ground up. 

—  LBB Studios is a full stack creative agency offering: 

Content & digital strategy development, editorial & branded content, artistic direction, video production, website and startup launch strategy, product development, brand development, story based strategy campaign development, event design & production 


—  Selected digital strategy & editorial clients:

The University of California at Berkeley, The Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society, Port of Mokha Coffee, Walt Disney Studios, The California Endowment, 500 Startups, PICO National Network, The University of Colorado at Boulder,  Seattle Interactive Conference, Return of the Mecca



Selected Client Partnerships


Digital Strategy & Branded Content











The Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society at the University of California-Berkeley - Digital Strategy, Video Production, and Publication Development

500 Startups - Event Design and Production, "Muslims in Tech Forum"

Port of Mokha Coffee (Formerly Mocha Mill) - Website Design & Digital Strategy

The PICO National Network - Digital Strategy & Campaign Development

MPower Change - Brand Development, Website Design, Branded Content and Digital Strategy

The Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies - Digital Strategy, Film Production, Branded Content

The Safe Return Project - Digital Strategy

Hajj Builder - Website Design, Product Development

Salaam Bank - Website Design, Product Development, Digital Strategy, and Branded Content

Ummah Wide - Product Development, Publication Development and Digital Strategy

Contra Costa Interfaith - Website Design & Digital Strategy 

Alchemiya - Branded Content

Return of the Mecca - Branded Content, International Tour Development

ING - Website Design, Curriculum Design & Curriculum Development

Video Production








Selected Client Media Coverage














Crowdfunding Campaigns









Hacking for Peace, Abu Dhabi, UAE & the United States, Executive Producers - Client - The Forum for Promoting Peace in Muslim Societies 

Defend the Sacred, Executive Producers, Writers & Director (Ala' Khan) - Client - MPower Change

Riyada: Entrepreneurship Award, Typographic Art Direction Calligraphy (Qasim Arif) - Client - Oman Chamber of Commerce 

Seeking Shade - A Rohingya Refugee Story, Malaysia, Producer

The Ummah Wide Pop Up Film Festival - Oakland, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur (2016); Dubai, Jakarta, Doha, Seattle, London (2017)

UW Parent & Family Weekend, Producer & Director (Ala' Khan) - Client - University of Washington